Saturday, July 23, 2016

More on claymation "Golem"

GOLEM WATCH: In ‘Golem,’ the Troupe 1927 Shares a Stage With a Claymation Co-Star (ERIC GRODE, NYT).
The company’s dependence on useful but risky technology fits perfectly with the subject matter of “Golem,” a fanciful adaptation of the ancient Jewish legend about a clay figure that eventually turns on its creator. In this telling, updated to confront the anxieties of our smartphone era, Golem is a lovable (at first) companion with a penchant for helpful tips that happen to favor certain brand names.

“Although we are very reliant on the technology, we also dictate the technology and are constantly dirtying it up,” said Suzanne Andrade, the author and director of “Golem,” who created 1927 with Mr. Barritt. (The company takes its name from the year “The Jazz Singer,” often described as the first full-length talking picture, had its premiere.) “But we are aware that this is a story that looks in on itself.”
About to be performed in the Sottile Theater at the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C. PaleoJudaica mentioned this Golem production last month here. Follow the links there for many, many other past posts on the Golem legend.