Friday, August 12, 2016

A new Ben-Hur video game

GAMING MEETS CINEMA: A New Ben-Hur Video Game Is Free To Play On Xbox One (Damian Seeto, Attack of the Fanboy).
There is a new Ben-Hur movie out this month and to celebrate it, you can play the official video game for free on Xbox One.

The only review I could find was negative: There's a new Ben-Hur game on Xbox and it's free and it's bad (Brett Makedonski, Destrouctiod).
The video I captured tells you all you need to know about Ben-Hur. It's a shoddy movie tie-in that's technically functional but in no way good. The entirety of the game takes place over three chariot races. You win one and then you move onto the next. This is what the game calls a "season." The races are slightly different from one another but really hardly at all.
Background on the new Ben-Hur movie, which opens on 19 August, is here and links