Friday, August 12, 2016

Ancient mosaics restored in Ephesus

THE DECORATIVE ARTS: 1,900-year-old Mosaics From Apostle Paul's Era Restored in Ephesus. Ancient Roman city was a center of Artemis worship until her temple burned down one time too many, leading people to question the goddess' power (Philippe Bohstrom, Haaretz).
The Roman city of Ephesus was always known to be opulent. Now painstaking renovation of mosaics, murals and other marvels in a sprawling apartment complex showcases its splendor in the era when the city on the Turkish coast was visited by the apostle Paul, nearly 2000 years ago.

Now, renovated in their original hues, the wall paintings, mosaics and marble paneling once again radiate in a blaze of colors.

A rambling article with some nice photographs.