Monday, September 12, 2016

Aramaic singing festival in Maaloula

MODERN ARAMAIC WATCH: Aramaic singing festival in Maaloula for preserving Aramaic language (Syrian Radio and TV).
The Syrian Global Society for Preserving the Aramaic Language organized on Saturday a musical event titled “Aramia 2016” in Maaloula town in Damascus Countryside that featured songs and poetry in Aramaic.


In statements to journalists, Tourism Minister Bishr Yazigi who attended the event said that Syria hosts many priceless cultural treasures for humanity, including the Aramaic language, noting that the Syrian government provided all possible facilitations to preserve this language and promote it, and that the government values the local community’s efforts for preserving the language of Jesus Christ.

It's good to hear of the Syrian Government's enthusiasm for preserving Aramaic and supporting the Aramaic-speaking community. The world is watching.

Background on the much-persecuted city of Maaloula (Ma'aloula, Malula), one of the last bastions of spoken Aramaic, is here with many links.