Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Statues of Aphrodite and Cupid excavated in Petra

NABATEAN (NABATAEAN) WATCH: Researchers unearth ancient mythological statues in Jordan (Science Codex).
A team of North Carolina-based researchers helped unearth more clues this summer about the ancient Nabatean city of Petra in Jordan.

As part of a larger excavation at the site, the group of North Carolina State University and East Carolina University faculty and students discovered two marble statues of the mythological goddess Aphrodite -- artifacts that dig co-director Tom Parker describes as "absolutely exquisite."


The statues, which also feature the mythological god Cupid, are largely intact from pedestal to shoulders. Both statue heads and much of their upper extremities were also recovered at the site and will be restored.

Sounds like an important discovery. Too bad the photos in the article are missing. For background on Petra and the Nabateans (Nabataeans), see here and links.

UPDATE (23 September): This link has the photos.