Sunday, November 13, 2016

DSS exhibit at UJ

THE UNIVERSITY OF JAMESTOWN: Exhibits open UJ’s International Education Week (Sharon Cox, Jamestown Sun)
The University of Jamestown has a diverse population among its students, staff and faculty, and during International Education Week Nov 11-18, the public will be able to meet and maybe even learn something new from them.


The foreign language department, International Students Organization, UJ’s Beyond Committee and the music department will have events in the Reiland Fine Arts Center and the Student Engagement Center in the Lyngstad Center next week. It’s the university’s way of including newcomers and community residents in events featuring cultural diversity and awareness.


... Stephen Reed will have an exhibit focusing on the Dead Sea Scrolls and language charts (also from Dead Sea Scrolls) showing Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin. Other languages will be available to copy (such as Ogham, Runes, Hieroglyphs and Cuneiform).

It's always good to sea the Scrolls getting some attention, especially from young people.