Saturday, January 07, 2017

More on the Jerusalem Bible quiz

ROMANTIC COMPETITION: Our marriage got the Bible test. There was something special about two of the competitors in this year's International Bible Competition for Adults (Lucy Cohen Blatter, Jewish Chronicle).
Last week, Yair Shahak was taking a taxi ride in Jerusalem and was recognised by the driver. Although he is not exactly a household name, Mr Shahak had just clinched the top prize in the International Bible Competition for Adults, which had been broadcast on Israeli TV earlier in the week.

But Mr Shahak had an even better claim to world Torah-knowledge domination than many viewers may have realised.

He had travelled to Jerusalem from New York with his wife, Yaelle Frohlich, who had also made the final.

And although the pair were technically competing against each other — among the 25 other finalists from around the world — “it didn’t feel like it”, said Ms Frohlich.

“We were rooting for each other, so I feel as though I share in his victory,” she said.

Background on the competition is here