Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Studia Philonica Annual XXVIII, 2016 — Runia Festschrift

The Studia Philonica Annual XXVIII, 2016: Studies in Hellenistic Judaism
David T. Runia (Editor), Gregory E. Sterling (Editor)

ISBN 9780884141815
Status Available
Price: $61.95
Binding Hardback
Publication Date October 2016
Pages 476

Celebrate the contributions of David T. Runia

The Studia Philonica Annual is a scholarly journal devoted to the study of Hellenistic Judaism, particularly the writings and thought of the Hellenistic-Jewish writer Philo of Alexandria. More than fifteen scholars from around the world offer contributions to this special edition of the Annual in honor of Professor David T. Runia on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday and retirement from his post as Master of Queens College, University of Melbourne. Professor Runia is internationally recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on Philo of Alexandria. As founder of The Studia Philonica Annual, he has been editor or coeditor for twenty-seven years. He initiated a Philo Bibliography project prior to the Annual and incorporated the bibliography into the Annual from the outset. It serves as the primary bibliography for Philonic studies worldwide.
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