Saturday, July 08, 2017

More on Aramean land seizure in Turkey

ASSYRIAN (MODERN SYRIAC) WATCH: Turkish authorities confiscate 50 properties from one of world's oldest Christian communities which fears it is being driven into extinction (Rory Tingle, Daily Mail). This is confusing. As I noted yesterday, according Hurriyet Daily News this decision has been canceled. Specifically:
On July 3, the liquidation committee said the allocation decision was cancelled but the properties were still registered with the Treasury.

Officials noted that the use of the monasteries and churches would continue “as it stands,” adding that a legal amendment would be needed for the cancellation of the registration decision.
I don't know why the Mail article does not mention that development. But whether or not the story is up to date, it is now on the Mail's radar. And if the story is covered by the Daily Mail, you can be sure the world is watching.

I look forward to the speedy and full resolution of this situation in Turkey.

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