Saturday, July 08, 2017

Review of two books on Paul (etc.) and the Law

ANCIENT JEW REVIEW: Two Approaches to Pauline Discourse (J. Albert Harrill).
2016 SBL Pauline Epistles Panel Book Review Session

Matthew, Paul, and the Anthropology of Law, by David A. Kaden

Paul and the Gentile Problem, by Matthew Thiessen
The essay opens:
We have an opportunity to discuss two new Paul books in tandem. So, departing from common practice of our SBL Program Unit on the Pauline Epistles, which examines each book separately, I propose taking them as a pairing. It would be fruitful to have both books and their authors––who are together for the first time on one stage––engage one another. While both authors tackle the same problem of “Paul and the Law” and both authors frame the issue as a question of discourse, each goes in a different direction to find a solution––one global and the other local. These books offer an instructive contrast in opposing methodologies.

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