Monday, July 24, 2017

The Shikhin excavation 2017

ARCHAEOLOGY: SAMFORD EXCAVATION IN ISRAEL SHEDS LIGHT ON ANCIENT LAMP WORKSHOP (The Alabama Baptist). I have been following reports on the excavation at Shikhin for the last several years. This article has some information on the discoveries this year.
[Excavation director James Riley] Strange, [ associate director Mordechai] Aviam and a team of students and volunteers have worked on the site for six seasons. Their recent excavations in May and June uncovered part of the house and workshop of an oil lamp maker.

Although the house was typically simple — with packed earthen floors and, probably, mud plaster on the walls — it held a unique surprise. In an area thought to have been a courtyard, the team discovered a special kiln for firing oil lamps and other small vessels, with two complete, identical oil lamps and a small bowl still inside.

Many kilns from various periods have been discovered in Israel — all of them used to fire jugs, storage jars, cooking pots and other large vessels.

These usually measure more than 16 feet in diameter. The kiln in the Shikhin potter’s house, the first of its kind found in Israel, measures less than three feet in diameter, with a central pillar made of stone and brick that supported an upper floor.
There is also a little information on a coin find.

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