Monday, September 25, 2017

Epic-fantasy ancient Judea

NOVEL SERIES: “Game of Thrones” Meets the Ancient Middle East: An Interview with Daniel Arenson, Author of “Kings of Ruin” (Ilana Teitelbaum, HuffPost).
Dynastic politics, magic, and violence—Daniel Arenson’s new epic fantasy series, beginning with Kings of Ruin, has them all. Set in an alternate version of ancient Rome and Judea, the series recalls Game of Thrones with its political and sexual intrigues, brutality, and vivid characters. Arenson’s world is deeply imagined and inspired by historical events, even as it is infused with magic.

I caught up with Daniel to talk about his inspirations for the Kingdoms of Sand series, the magic of his world, and more.

If you like epic fantasy, you may want to give this series a try.

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