Sunday, September 24, 2017

Woes of the Barsavmo Monastery

ASSYRIAN (MODERN SYRIAC) WATCH: Historic Syriac monastery needs attention (Hurrieyet Daily News).
A 1,300-year-old historic rock monastery near the Barıştepe village in the southeastern province of Mardin’s Midyat district is waiting to be discovered.

Also known as the Mor Barsavmo Monastery, where Syriac priests are estranged, some of its outer walls collapsed because of negligence and some of the historic inscriptions were destroyed.

Rahibi Edip Daniel Savcı, the priest of the Mor Yakup Monastery, said: “We are few in number here, unfortunately we cannot protect structures like this.”


The 1,300 year-old Mor Barsavmo Monastery, which was built on a carved rock in a mountainous field and once was the center for Syriac priests, is waiting to be taken under protection.

There have been many difficulties for the Syriac Christians in the Mardin Governate of Turkey in recent years.

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