Monday, January 29, 2018

The Museum of the Bible and Creationist museums

ANCIENT JEW REVIEW: The Creationist MOTB: Judaism and Judaica at the Answers in Genesis Creationist Facilities (James Linville).
To sum up, at the AiG venues Jews and their history are little more than pawns in the ideological struggle with religious plurality, the forces of secularism, and liberal Christianity. AiG’s Bible is not the pluralistic one of scholarship and interreligious dialogue. As one sign in the Creation Museum puts it, “The Prophets, the Apostles, and Jesus Christ proclaimed one truth.” Anyone who objects to their evangelical and young Earth creationist Christian statement of faith will not be hired.[27] The Museum of the Bible has included rabbis and Jewish scholars in their International Advisory Council.[28] But it is hard to see how an honest desire to be inclusive of Jews would permit association with ministries like Answers in Genesis. And so, I must ask whether Answers in Genesis is an organization that the Museum of the Bible, with its interest in the history of the Bible as a cultural artefact and a stated desire for inclusivity, should continue to partner with.
The issue here is that the Green Collection and the Museum of the Bible have lent artifacts to Creationist museums belonging to Answers in Genesis (AiG).

This essay is a continuation of the series being published by AJR. They were originally presented as papers at the Association for Jewish Studies meeting in Washington D.C. in December of 2017. Background here.

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