Thursday, February 01, 2018

First-Temple to Byzantine-era finds at Ein Hanya

ARCHAEOLOGY: First Temple-era relics of possible royal estate found in Jerusalem hills. Authorities inaugurate 'extraordinarily beautiful' new site at Ein Hanya, where archaeologists reveal plethora of findings (Michael Bachner, Times of Israel).
Israeli authorities inaugurated a nature park on Wednesday near Jerusalem after five years of archaeological excavations at Ein Hanya, the second-largest spring in the Judean Hills and a key site in the history of Christianity. Along with an announcement that the park will open to the public free of charge within months, the Israel Antiquities Authority revealed some major findings at the site, including a column capital typical of royal structures from the First Temple era and one of the oldest coins ever discovered in the Jerusalem area.

There is also a complex of pools from the Byzantine period, which is reportedly "the most significant finding." More on the coin:
It said that another significant find from that period was a rare silver coin, described as one of the most ancient discovered so far in the Jerusalem area. It is the ancient Greek currency drachma, with the coin “minted in Ashdod by Greek rulers between 420 and 390 BCE.”
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