Monday, February 26, 2018

Review of Roberts, Hannibal's Road

BOOK REVIEW: Hannibal's Road: The Second Punic War in Italy 213-203 BC, by Mike Roberts (A. A. Nofi, The Strategy Page).
Barnsley, Eng.: Pen & Sword / Philadelphia: Casemate Publishers, 2017. Pp. xxvi, 262. Illus., maps, notes, bibio., index. $39.95. ISBN: 1473855950.

Hannibal’s Italian Campaign

One would think that the Hannibalic or Second Punic War (218-201 BC) had been well covered, but in this book Roberts, who has written on Alexander’s “Successors”, the Hellenistic age, and other subjects in Classical Antiquity, shows that operations in Italy from 216 BC – not, as the title indicates 213 – onwards have been largely over-looked, but demonstrate the Carthaginian’s remarkable abilities and help explain his ultimate failure.

Cross-file under Punic Watch.

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