Saturday, March 03, 2018

Review of new Mary Magdalene film

CINEMA: 'Mary Magdalene': Review. Rooney Mara plays a rehabilitated Mary Magdalene opposite Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus (FIONNUALA HALLIGAN, Screen Daily). Excerpt:
On viewing this clearly well-intentioned, attractive, wistful-to-the-point-of-inertia film, it’s easy enough to see why Mary Magdalene has languished: if it’s not exactly a hot-ticket for the Catholic faithful, neither is it something the arthouse might yearn to see. And if the casting of Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus seems odd, well, it is odd and hard to move past the casting as a glassy-eyed Phoenix looks to the heavens for inspiration, delivering sermons in his unmistakable American-accented voice. Rooney Mara - the palest fisherwoman the Middle East is ever likely to see - puts her all into playing Mary Magdalene as a drippy doe-eyed empath, awarded a stock-issue back-story in which her desire not to marry puts her at odds with her loving but uncomprehending family.

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