Monday, June 11, 2018

Ancient cave-tomb found at Tiberias

ARCHAEOLOGY: Ancient Burial Complex Exposed in Works on New Tiberias Neighborhood (JNi.Media).
The rock-hewn cave comprised an entrance hall decorated with colored plaster, a central room with several burial niches, decorated ceramic and stone ossuaries (burial chambers), and a small inner chamber. Carved stone doors stood at the entrances into the rooms. In one of the chambers, Greek inscriptions were engraved with the names of the interred. These inscriptions will be studied by specialists.

The cave was probably robbed in antiquity.
There are some good photos at the link.

Herod Antipas unintentionally built Tiberias over a Jewish cemetery, so the city is well known (or infamous) for its ancient burials. Past posts on Tiberias and its cemetery are here and links.

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