Monday, June 11, 2018

Bullae of Hezekiah and Isaiah exhibited at Armstrong College

NOW RUNNING: Come Meet Isaiah and King Hezekiah! Archaeological evidence of these two biblical giants is coming to Armstrong Auditorium (Brad MacDonald, The Trumpet).
Beginning Sunday, June 10, the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation (the humanitarian arm of the organization that publishes the Trumpet magazine) will host a three-month archaeological exhibit in the lobby of Armstrong Auditorium. We have titled the exhibit “Seals of Isaiah and King Hezekiah Discovered,” after the stars of the show: two clay seal impressions (bullae) of King Hezekiah and Isaiah.


While the stars of the show are the seals of King Hezekiah and Isaiah, the supporting cast is also exciting. Among the artifacts on loan from the Israel Antiquity Authority are iron arrowheads used in the Assyrian siege of Lachish, silver bullion, and royal Judean clay vessels. Featured Assyrian history will include replicas of the wall reliefs of Lachish, the Azekah inscription, and the famous Annals of Sennacherib Prism (aka Taylor Prism).

The Isaiah of the seal may or may not be the biblical prophet. The exhibition has an openly-expressed agenda, which you can take or leave as you please. Armstrong College has a close relationship with Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar and her Ophel excavation in Jerusalem. The exhibition includes many interesting artifacts and sounds worth seeing.

Background here and links. Armstrong College had another exhibition of biblical-era inscribed bullae (seal impressions) in 2011.

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