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Weinfeld, Early Jewish Liturgy (in Hebrew)

Early Jewish Liturgy
From Psalms to the Prayers in Qumran and Rabbinic Literature

By Moshe Weinfeld

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Rosh Hashanah Sale
Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press
Prayers, Poetry and Piyutim, Jewish Studies, Talmud, Ancient East
Publish date: April 2004
Language: Hebrew
Danacode: 45-101100
ISBN: 965-493-192-3
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 300
Format: 24x17 cm
Weight: 620 gr.

This book contains articles written by Moshe Weinfeld about Early Jewish Liturgy and examines the development of Jewish prayer throughout time.
This is by no means a new book. It was published in 2004. But I haven't mentioned it before and Magnes Press has it in its Rosh HaShanah sale. For you, special deal!

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