Friday, September 07, 2018

Clearing antiquities from Leviathan's path

MARINE SALVAGE ARCHAEOLOGY: Scuba diving archaeologists find ancient marine relics from a 5,000-year-old port at site where Israel's Leviathan pipeline will be built (Harry Pettit, Daily Mail).
Scuba diving archaeologists are scouring the seabed where a gas pipeline is being built off Israel's coast in a bid to preserve ancient relics.

The area lies near a 5,000-year-old port which once was a key trade hub for the Mediterranean's ancient civilisations.

Scientists say the vestiges of marine traders throughout the ages - from the Phoenicians to the Romans - lie hidden beneath the seabed at the port of Dor.

They have already found earthenware jugs, anchors and the remains of wrecked ships, setting new guidelines for similar future projects.

As usual, the Mail has some good photos. I was an assistant square supervisor back at Tel Dor in 1984-85 when I was a PhD student. Kurt Raveh was there then too, although I don't think we ever actually met. It was a big excavation.

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