Thursday, October 11, 2018

More free DSD articles

FOR YOU, SPECIAL DEAL: Free articles from Dead Sea Discoveries.
To celebrate the 25th Volume of Dead Sea Discoveries, 25 articles from the past 25 Volumes will be available for free downloading during 2018.
The following 5 articles are now freely accessible until 15 October:

On the Origin of the Ink of the Thanksgiving Scroll (1QHodayota),
Ira Rabin, Oliver Hahn, Timo Wolff, Admir Masic and Gisela Weinberg
(Volume 16, Number 1)

Pairing Research Questions and Theories of Genre: A Case Study of the Hodayot,
Carol A. Newsom (Volume 17, Number 3)

Between Text and Archaeology 1,
Philip R. Davies (Volume 18, Number 3)

Commentary Culture in the Land of Israel from an Alexandrian Perspective,
Maren R. Niehoff (Volume 19, Number 3)

Torah for “The Age of Wickedness”: The Authority of the Damascus and Serekh Texts in Light of Biblical and Rewritten Traditions*,
Molly M. Zahn (Volume 20, Number 3)
Follow the link above for the links to the individual articles. They are only there for four more days!

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