Friday, October 12, 2018

Samaritans view recovered Torah column

SAMARITAN WATCH: Samaritans view part of ancient Torah scroll stolen from them in 1995. Parchment found during a routine customs check of a backpacker seeking to exit Israel to Jordan through the Allenby Crossing (JTA via Times of Israel).
More than 20 years after the theft of ancient Torah scrolls from a Samaritan synagogue in Nablus, the Israel Antiquities Authority retrieved one page from the missing objects and invited its owners to view it.


Uri Mendes, the deputy head of the Civil Administration body that governs the West Bank, showed the retrieved parchment last week to leaders of the Samaritan community, whose Torah is said by adherents to reflect what the ancient Israelites practiced before the Babylonian exile.

I noted a detailed article on recovery of the column (rather than "page") of the scroll here. Note the correction in the update.

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