Monday, October 22, 2018

The History of the Temple Mount in 12 Objects: #1

THE TEMPLE MOUNT SIFTING PROJECT BLOG: The History of the Temple Mount in 12 Objects: #1 The Late Bronze Age.
Hello everyone!

As those of you who follow our newsletter know, the blog is about to embark on an exciting new journey: Inspired by the British Museum’s A History of the World in 100 Objects, we will, over the course of the coming year, showcase objects of different periods in the Temple Mount’s history, telling you about them and about the periods they represent.

So without further ado – here’s the first post, of the Temple Mount back before there was a temple: ...
The first object is an Egyptian faience amulet. I noted the report of its discovery here. And there's more here on that LBA cuneiform fragment excavated in Jerusalem (not by the Sifting Project).

And finally, for many past PaleoJudaica posts on the Temple Mount Sifting Project, start here and just keep following those links.

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