Thursday, October 25, 2018

The MOTB and BHD on the forged DSS fragments

PRESS RELEASE: Museum of the Bible Releases Research Findings on Fragments in Its Dead Sea Scrolls Collection. I received this by e-mail just after I posted on this story. The online link comes via Christian Askeland at the ETC Blog. It seems only fair to let the Museum give its own side of the story.

Also, Bible History Daily has posted an essay on the story by Biblical Archaeology Review chief editor Robert Cargill: Five Museum of the Bible Dead Sea Scrolls Are Fake. Scientific tests conducted on Dead Sea Scroll fragments. Unlike some of the press coverage, Professor Cargill's evaluation is balanced and thoughtful. Excerpt:
The Museum of the Bible should be commended for submitting the scroll fragments for analysis and for releasing the results of the study’s findings, even though the results would be embarrassing for the museum. This, however, is the best way forward for the Museum of the Bible. Full transparency should be the museum’s modus operandi moving forward. This is the only way to begin to repair the damage done to the institution’s credibility following years of scholarly protest and concern about their collection.

From this point forward, it is my hope that the people who are hired by the Museum of the Bible, from the museum’s newly-announced CEO, Ken McKenzie, on down, will take seriously the criticisms and the advice of the scholarly community and focus on becoming a world-class museum
That's exactly right. The Museum and the Green collection has made some serious mistakes, especially early on. But I prefer to judge people, not by their mistakes, but by how they deal with their mistakes. That's how we all want to be judged ourselves. So far, the MOTP has responded well. I hope that continues.

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