Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Ptolemaic coins, part II

NUMISMATICS: CoinWeek Ancient Coin Series: The Ptolemies, Part II (Mike Markowitz). I noted and commented on Part I of this series here. See there for more biblical and historical background.

For this period Daniel 11 is more interested in the Seleucid dynasty than the Ptolemies. But a few of the Ptolemaic kings depicted on these coins do appear:

• Ptolemy IV Philopator (vv. 11-12, "the king of the south").

• Ptolemy V Epiphanes (vv. 14, 17, also "the king of the south"). Ptolemy V's wife, Cleopatra I, daughter of Antiochus III, is also mentioned (unnamed) in v. 17.

• Ptolemy VI Philometor (vv. 25-27, yet again, "the king of the south").

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