Saturday, December 15, 2018

More on the Green Collection papyri from Nongbri

AT THE VARIANT READINGS BLOG, Brent Nongbri continues to cull new information from the DVD of lectures for the "Passages" exhibition of the Green Collection.

A “Second Century” Papyrus of Matthew in the Green Collection. A second-century fragment of the Gospel of Matthew? That would be nice. I'll believe it when I see good evidence for it.

The Green Collection Sappho Papyrus: Some New Details. I wouldn't make too much of the contradictions in the various accounts about who did what with this papyrus and when. Human memory about such things is notoriously unreliable. So unreliable that people often misremember whether they did something or someone they know did it.

I noted the story of the Sappho papyrus here. For later posts on it, see here and follow the links back.

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