Sunday, December 09, 2018

van der Toorn, God in Context

NEW BOOK FROM MOHR SIEBECK: Karel van der Toorn God in Context. Selected Essays on Society and Religion in the Early Middle East. 2018. XIV, 380 pages. Forschungen zum Alten Testament 123. 134,00 € including VAT. cloth ISBN 978-3-16-156470-3.
Published in English.
In this work, Karel van der Toorn explores the social setting, the intellectual milieu, and the historical context of the beliefs and practices reflected in the Hebrew Bible. While fully recognizing the unique character of early Israelite religion, the author challenges the notion of its incomparability. Beliefs are anchored in culture. Rituals have societal significance. God has a history. By shifting the focus to the context, the essays gathered here yield a deeper understanding of Israelite religion and the origins of the Bible.

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