Monday, January 28, 2019

Coin of Herod Agrippa I found by student

NUMISMATICS: Student Discovers Rare 2000-Year Old Coin near Shiloh (David Israel).
An ancient and rare coin from the time of King Agrippa I and the last days of the Second Temple was discovered by a student at Nachal Shiloh (Shiloh stream) in Samaria.

The student was on a school trip at Nachal Shiloh last week, when he found the ancient coin in the eastern part of the stream. The student approached the group’s tour guide, who in turn contacted the IDF’s Archeology unit at the Civil Administration, which dispatched an inspector to the site.

Well done!

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UPDATE: I have deleted one of the background links, which actually refers to Agrippa II. Please pardon the error.

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