Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Dura Europos at Yale

YALE NEWS: Across disciplines, Yale forges rich ties to Middle East (Mike Cummings). Most of this article deals with modern matters that are not of direct interest to PaleoJudaica. But then there's this:
Two recent projects are improving access to Yale’s extensive and diverse collections of Islamic and Middle Eastern art, artifacts, books, and manuscripts. “Dura-Europos, Syria: Loss and Recovery from Antiquity to Modernity” is a digital project that draws on Yale’s collection of artifacts from the ancient city of Dura-Europos to allow people to explore an important archeological and cultural site made inaccessible by conflict. The project is a partnership between the council, faculty in the Departments of History of Art and Computer Science, and curators and conservators at the Yale University Art Gallery and the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage at Yale’s West Campus.

“We’ve been thinking about ways we can intervene in Syria,” Rizvi said. “We don’t have a field site there but we have this incredible collection from Dura-Europos that is evidence of the site’s rich history as multi-cultural crossroads where temples existed alongside churches and synagogues. The project [shares] this amazing resource with the public and [makes] it available for research and teaching.”
I also noted Yale's Dura Europos collection nearly a decaded ago. But now they have this website. For other posts on Dura Europos, start here and follow the many links.

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