Thursday, February 14, 2019

More on Apollonius of Tyana

NEWSWEEK HAS TAKEN UP THE STORY: WHO WAS APOLLONIUS? CONTROVERSIAL 'BIBLE CONSPIRACIES' DOCUMENTARY CLAIMS JESUS WAS REALLY GREEK PHILOSOPHER (Katherine Hignett). The headline is unfortunate. This "documentary" is not credible and no specialist is defending it. There is no controversy.

But otherwise the article is good and I commend it to you. The interview with Prof. Sam Boyd of the University of Colorado, Boulder, gives an overview of why the claim of the film is wrong and what the actual interesting points of comparison between Apollonius and Jesus are.

It is unfortunate that the film is spreading misinformation. But the positive side is that Apollonius of Tyana is getting some publicity. And the media, to give them due credit, are generally correcting the errors of the film.

Background here.

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