Tuesday, June 11, 2019

AJR: Textual Objects and Material Philology

ANCIENT JEW REVIEW: Textual Objects and Material Philology.
These essays were part of a panel at the Society of Biblical Literature 2018 Annual Meeting titled, “Textual Objects and Material Philology,” inspired in part by the publication of Snapshots of Evolving Traditions (eds. Lied and Lundhaug).
The individual essays are as follows:

Is Vienna hist. gr. 63, fol. 51v-55v a “fragment”? (Janet Spittler)

A Material History of the Tura Papyri (Blossom Stefaniw)

Continue to Sing, Miriam! The Song of Miriam in 4Q365 (Hanna Tervanotko)

Two languages, two scripts, three combinations: A (personal?) prayer-book in Syriac and Old Uyghur from Turfan (U 338) (Adam Bremer-McCollum)

The Plunders of Codex Bezae (Jennifer Wright Knust)

Textual Scholarship, Ethics, and Someone Else's Manuscripts (Liv Ingeborg Lied)

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