Monday, June 10, 2019

The Temple Mount Sifting Project resumes

TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: Temple Mount Sifting Project reboots, aims to salvage ancient temple artifacts. At Jerusalem Day event, minister vows funds for project in which 500,000 artifacts from all eras of J’lem settlement have already been found in dirt illegally dumped by Muslim Waqf (Amanda Borschel-Dan, Times of Israel).
After a two-year hiatus, the project, up and running again since Sunday, is now housed in a previously abandoned tree-filled grove in east Jerusalem, located at the nexus of the Mount of Olives and Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus. As in the previous nearby location, paying volunteers sort through a jumble of debris and earth that was illegally excavated by Muslim authorities from the Temple Mount, a site holy to all three monotheistic religions.
This is a long, detailed article, that discusses the history of the project and the current political situation around it.

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