Tuesday, March 24, 2020

More on those fake DSS fragments

THAT'S A REASONABLE QUESTION: After Dead Sea Forgeries Exposed, How Do We Know the Scrolls in Israel Are Authentic? All scroll fragments at the Museum of the Bible in Washington turn out to be fakes: Experts explain how we know the massive trove of scrolls held in Jerusalem is genuine (Ariel David, Haaretz premium; HT Joseph Lauer). Yes, we do know that with a high degree of confidence.

Also have a look at Drew Longacre's post at the OTTC Blog: Loll et al. 2019 - Museum of the Bible Dead Sea Scroll Collection Scientific Research and Analysis: Final Report. This discusses and has a link to the publication that debunked the Museum of the Bible's Dead Sea Scroll-like fragments. And see also the links to essays by Rollston (who offers an FBI-style profile of the forger), White Crawford, and Langlois.

Background here and follow the many links.

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