Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Finding a lost town in a lost book?

DR. DAVID BEN-GAD HACOHEN: Waheb in Suphah, the Forgotten “Town in the Stream” (TheTorah.com).
Describing the Israelites crossing the Arnon Stream into Amorite territory, the Torah quotes the Book of YHWH’s Battles that speaks of “Waheb in Suphah,” a phrase that appears nowhere else in the Bible. Many creative explanations have been given, but based on a survey on the ground we can identify it as the “Town in the Stream,” an ancient biblical town whose name had long been forgotten.
The "Book of the Wars of the Lord" is one of the lost books quoted in the Hebrew Bible. For more on it, see here and here. Dr. Ben-Gad HaCohen believes he has found the location of "Waheb in Suphah," which looks like a place name in the quotation from the book. He may be right.

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