Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Profile of a Syrian epigrapher

GREEK AND NORTHWEST SEMITIC EPIGRAPHY: Malatius Jaghnoon, is a unique Syrian epigrapher (Amal Farhat, Syria Times).
Malatius Jibriel Jaghnoon, is a Syrian engineer and epigrapher specialized in Aramaic and Greek inscriptions. He was born in Latakia , Jableh, in 1943. He graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Aleppo in 1968. His interest in epigraphy led him to learn several ancient languages including Aramaic and Greek.

Deciphering a number of Syriac and Greek inscriptions from an ancient church in Tal Eltiten, in the Al-Ghab area in Syria to the west of Apamea, an inscription from Maarrat al-Nu'man Museum and an inscription from the agora of Palmyra, were among his epigraphical works inside Syria.

He is a founding member of the Archaeological Society of Homs " Al-Adiyat" and was elected as head of the society from 2011 until he left Syria several years ago.

Is he really "the only one in Syria who can read ancient Greek inscriptions?" In any case, it sounds as though he has done a lot of important epigraphic work.

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