Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Suprise Sasson Festschrift

VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY: Colleagues surprise Vanderbilt Divinity scholar Jack Sasson with special ‘gift’ (Ann Marie Deer Owens).
Thirty-five scholars from around the world pay tribute to Jack Sasson, an emeritus Divinity School professor, for his renowned scholarship on the ancient Near East in a newly published book of essays.

From Mari to Jerusalem and Back: Assyriological and Biblical Studies in Honor of Jack Murad Sasson, written and edited by some of Sasson’s longtime colleagues and friends, strives to reflect the richness of the cultures, languages and literatures of his research.

Congratulations to Emeritus Professor Jack Sasson! Regular readers will already know that he is the owner of the informative Agade e-mail list, to which you should subscribe if you haven't already.

Cross-file under New Book (from Eisenbrauns).

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