Monday, August 31, 2020

Burke reviews Sabar, Veritas

THE APOCRYPHYCITY BLOG: Some Reflections on Ariel Sabar’s Veritas.Tony Burke gives us a thorough review of Ariel Sabar's new book about the Gospel of Jesus' Wife affair.
All of that said, I’m a scholar—in particular, one who works with literary criticism and textual criticism—so I am compelled to pore over Sabar’s book and find problems, inconsistencies, and errors of fact. Maybe this is just my defensive reaction to his attack on “elite” scholarship, or more specifically, his unfavorable depiction of one of our own (Karen King, well-regarded for her work on the Gospel of Mary and her book What is Gnosticism?); maybe I just need a break from trying to figure out how to teach my courses over Zoom. Regardless, for anyone interested, here are some of my thoughts on Veritas.

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