Tuesday, September 01, 2020

An undersea Tanit sanctuary?

MARINE ARCHAEOLOGY: From the Seabed, Figures of an Ancient Cult. A trove of Phoenician artifacts was long ascribed to a single shipwreck. More likely they were tossed overboard, and over centuries, a new study suggests (Joshua Rapp Learn, NYT).

The site is "Shavei Zion, off the coast of western Galilee."

I am confused about whether this sanctuary was for Phoenician traders (i.e., from roughly the coast of Lebanon) or Punic traders (from Carthage and its satellites in North Africa) or both.

The site is near the Phoenician coast, but as far as I know, Tanit was a Punic goddess. There is very little evidence that she was worshipped on the mainland.

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