Monday, September 28, 2020

Phoenician passion for purple

PHOENICIAN WATCH: Purple Reign: A passion for purple built the Phoenicians' vast trading empire. The seafaring Phoenicians controlled the Mediterranean market for a vibrant purple dye crafted from humble sea snails and craved by powerful kings (MARK WOOLMER, National Geographic).

A long, informative article. Murex shell dye was also used by the Israelites for the tekhelet dye. For more on the Phoenician and the Israelite uses of the dye, see here and links.

As I have noted in more detail here, I like to keep track of developments in Phoenician and Punic studies because the Phoenicians and Carthaginians shared a substrate of Canaanite language and culture with the Israelites. There shared use of the murex shell for cloth dye is one example of shared material culture.

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