Wednesday, October 14, 2020

More on Cleopatra

CINEMA, HISTORY, AND GENEALOGY: Cleopatra and the Jews (Dr. Yvette Alt Miller,
This is the legacy that’s come down to us: Cleopatra as an Eastern potentate, mysterious and sensual. Yet dismissing Cleopatra as some sort of cartoonish exotic Middle Eastern princess diminishes her real life historical role. Cleopatra VII was a remarkable woman living in a consequential, complicated era. She was the product of her times, and played a vital role in the ancient Middle East. She engaged with Jewish communities, and ensured that Egypt’s Jewish population became one of the ancient world’s most free and secure.

Instead of sparking arguments over who should depict her in a movie, it would be wonderful if the forthcoming blockbuster about Cleopatra’s life led us to learn more about this remarkable queen – and the complicated, real times in which she and her contemporaries lived.

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