Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Biblical Archaeology top 10

CHRISTIANITY TODAY: Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2020. Archaeology has been slow in 2020, for obvious reasons. But this is a pretty good list of important sort-of-Bible-related discoveries. I would add the Jezreel Winery and the ritual bath at Gesthemane (see below) to the list.

There have been some notable archaeological discoveries pertaining to ancient Judaism which are not on the list. I link to the relevant PaleoJudaica posts, some of which have links to follow:

More on ancient Nazareth

They found a partzufa at Sepphoris!

The Usha excavation

Gaming die excavated near Beit El (also here). The discoveries at Kirbet Kfar Mor (Khirbet Kafr Murr, Khirbet Kafr Mer) include a decorated stone table and various ceramics.

More menorah graffiti in a priestly (?) cave

Hasmonean-era oil lamp found on Pilgrimage Road

Second Temple-era ritual bath discovered at Gethsemane

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