Tuesday, June 09, 2020

More on the Jezreel Winery

FURTHER TO YESTERDAY'S POST ON THE JEZREEL WINERY, Dr. Norma Franklin has kindly sent me offprints of several articles on the winery excavation. One of them is online for free:

The Story of Naboth’s Vineyard and the Ancient Winery in Jezreel (Dr. Norma Franklin, TheTorah.com)
What light can archaeology shed on the significance and location of the vineyard?
You can also read this one in Biblical Archaeology Review for free, but you need a paid subscription to see the full version with images:
Have We Found Naboth’s Vineyard at Jezreel? Norma Franklin, Jennie Ebeling, Philippe Guillaume, and Deborah Appler November 01, 2017
If you have access to JSTOR, you can also read this one:
An Ancient Winery at Jezreel, Israel

Norma Franklin, Jennie Ebeling, Philippe Guillaume and Deborah Appler
Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology & Heritage Studies
Vol. 8, No. 1 (2020), pp. 58-78
I am grateful to Dr. Franklin for the references.

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