Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Witherington & Myers, Paul of Arabia (Wipf & Stock)

Paul of Arabia
The Hidden Years of the Apostle to the Gentiles

BY Ben Witherington, III, Jason A. Myers

Imprint: Cascade Books
Category: Biblical Studies

ISBN: 9781532698224
Pages: 192
Publication Date: 11/19/2020
Retail Price: $27.00
Web Price: $21.60

ISBN: 9781532698224
Format: epubv Publication Date: 11/19/2020v Retail Price: $27.00
Web Price: $21.60


What does a person do when his life has just taken a complete U-turn? This was the question Paul faced after his conversion on Damascus Road. In the end, he decided to go to Petran Arabia, where he stayed for more than two years. In this exercise in reconstructing what Paul's time in Petra would have been like, Ben Witherington recreates the scene of various interesting possible episodes in Paul's life, about which the New Testament says little, filling in the gaps of "the hidden years." Who would he have met in Petra? Would he have practiced his leather working trade? Might he have gotten married? What did he do to raise the ire of King Aretas IV, and cause him to be chased all the way back to Damascus and out again? Why did he wait so long to go up to Jerusalem and visit with Peter? This and much more is addressed in this fast-paced novella, with sidebars explaining the context of the events in the story.

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