Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Rasmussen's Easter photo-posts

AT THE HOLY LAND PHOTOS' BLOG, Carl Rasmussen has been re-posting some Easter-related posts which are also of interest for first-century Judaism. I have linked to them all in past years, but here they are again with his new URLs. If I have commented substantively in a PaleoJudaica post, I link to that as well.

If Carl re-posts any more of these this week, I will add the links below in this post.

The Tomb of the High Priest Annas? Part 1 of 2 — The Exterior
Related PaleoJudaica post here.

The Tomb of the High Priest Annas? Part 2 of 2 — The Interior

Bone Box of Caiaphas the High Priest
Related PaleoJudaica post here.

Crucified Man from Jerusalem
Related PaleoJudaica post here.

A Monumental Herodian (Hasmonean?) Hall in Jerusalem — Behind the Scenes of the Western Wall.

The Best Rolling Stone Tomb in Israel — Khirbet Midras

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