Monday, March 01, 2021

Some missing Oxford papyri have been recovered.

VARIANT READINGS: More Stolen Papyri to be Returned to the Egypt Exploration Society (Brent Nongbri).
So, out of (at least) 120 missing papyri, 40 have now been identified and are reportedly being returned to the EES. Those that the EES has identified have been exclusively Christian (or possibly Jewish) literary texts. That leaves (at least) 80 or so missing pieces. I find it somewhat strange that the EES has not made publicly known what these pieces are.
Background on the complicated Oxford missing-papyri scandal is here and links. Ariel Sabar published the definitive account of the scandal last May. Brent Nongbri has contined to follow developments.

Dr Nongbri also has a subsequent post on a chronological detail about the history of the Sappho papyrus. I note it for those following the matter at that level of detail: A New Item in the P.Sapph.Obbink Timeline. I have no idea if his associated speculations are correct.

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