Friday, June 11, 2021

Ancient anchor found at Tel Dor

BUILT TO LAST: Ancient stone anchor used for 2,000 years found on Israel’s northern coast. Parks authority says the artifact, uncovered in an underwater dig at Tel Dor, was first used in the Bronze Age (Times of Israel).
The anchor, which was found in an underwater dig at the Tel Dor archaeological site in northern Israel, was first used in the Bronze Age some 3,300 years ago and remained in use during the Byzantine period until roughly 500 CE, according to the parks authority.
Ancient anchors turn up now and then. A Roman-era wooden anchor was found in the Dead Sea in 2004. See here and here. Another (see here and here) was reported in 2005. Also in 2004, a stone anchor, attached to ship wreckage dated to the ninth century BCE, was found at Hof Dor. In 2011, three late antique iron anchors were recovered at Bat Yam beach.

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