Monday, July 19, 2021

New movie on the Great Revolt

CINEMA: New film portrays Jewish revolt against Romans in vivid, gripping detail. ‘Legend of Destruction’ is filmmaker Gidi Dar’s latest masterpiece, an eight-year project, now in theaters for Tisha B’Av (Jessica Steinberg, Times of Israel).
“Legend of Destruction” is filmmaker Gidi Dar’s latest creation. Made entirely of still drawings, the movie was written by Dar and actor Shuli Rand, and drawn by Michael Faust and David Polonsky of “Waltz with Bashir” fame. Actors Moni Moshonov, Yael Abecassis, Igal Naor and Amos Tamam also provide voices in the film.

The 90-minute film tells the story of the Jewish revolt against Rome in 70 CE, from the perspective of Ben Batiach, a good-hearted scholar who turns zealot, leading to the Roman siege on the city and the destruction of the Second Temple.

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