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Yogev, The Rephaim (Brill)

The Rephaim

Sons of the Gods

Series: Culture and History of the Ancient Near East, Volume: 121

Author: Jonathan Yogev

In The Rephaim: Sons of the Gods, Jonathan Yogev provides a new theory regarding the mysterious characters, known as "Rephaim," in Biblical and ancient Near Eastern literature. The Rephaim are associated with concepts such as death and the afterlife, divinity, healing, giants and monarchy among others. They appear in Ugaritic, Phoenician and Biblical texts, yet it is difficult to pinpoint their exact function and meaning. This study offers a different perspective, along with full texts, detailed epigraphic analysis and commentary for all of the texts that mention the Rephaim, in order to determine their specific importance in societies of the ancient Levant.

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Copyright Year: 2021

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ISBN: 978-90-04-46086-7
Publication Date: 12 Apr 2021

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Publication Date: 08 Apr 2021

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