Thursday, November 25, 2021

A shamanic life-setting for the Ascension of Isaiah?

ANCIENT JEW REVIEW: The Ascension of Isaiah: Some Thoughts ( David Frankfurter). Two excerpts:
Leaving behind the old redactional-stages approach (that has tempted many scholars through today), we are really forced to think about what “Jewish” and “Christian” should mean as identity or boundary-categories in the world of this text.
So to me, the really valuable features of this text are its docetic christology and its Jewish apocalyptic form and details; also, its evidence of a prophetic—or, better, shamanic—milieu; and in all these features its religious sympathies with the Book of Revelation.
This is fifth essay in a BRANE Forum series on the Ascension of Isaiah. For notice of the first three, see here and links.

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